You close your eyes and see the freedom you crave.

It’s there within your reach, right under your nose.

You know it in your heart.  

You see it already happening. 

One where you can pick up and travel at a moment’s notice... 

anywhere in the world.

One where your business works right from a laptop.  

One where you made the rules and fall in love with your clients, and them with you.  

But then you open your eyes.  

152 facebook followers and mostly made up of your family and a few good friends half heartedly cheering you on.  

You know you need a bigger audience.  

How can you possibly be free when you spend every free moment

franticly searching for clients?  

That business once within reach, now drifts further away each day.


Hi, I’m Susi.

I'm a 6-figure Mindset Coach and Business Strategist and full time Digital Nomad 👩🏼‍💻 on her second round the world 🌎 trip

and I’ve been where you are.  

I help service-based Biz Babes who are driven as f*ck to grow their audience and their confidence. 

I know it is possible to reach out and grab that dream! 

Because I did it myself.  

You can live fully location independent AND travel the world whilst making an impact AND lots of money! 

1 year ago I was a “struggling entrepreneur” and “newbie coach”.

I had a few clients, but honestly, I just felt lucky.

I made some money, but not consistent income.

I tried to juggle it all - my day job, my business, my household…

I didn’t believe in myself, my offers and my talents.

I hated selling.

12 months later:

I’m traveling the world ✈️ with my location independent business since May '17.

(Australia, Bali, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, France, Las Vegas, Canada, New York, Saint Lucia, Martinique, one week Caribbean cruise, Barbados, England, Vietnam)

What else?

👍 $25,000 income in November (wait… WHAT?)

👍 Fully booked in my 1:1 coaching AND group coaching

👍 Daily message requests from people who want to work with me

👍 10,000 real followers on Instagram

👍 A Facebook group of 3,000+ Location Independent Biz Babes

👍 400 new people on my list in one week (for FREE)

Let's make this happen for YOU!

That’s why I created VISIBILITY QUEEN for you.

I believe in you and your message.  

No more having to pester your mom and friends. 

 It’s time to cast a wider net.    

We’ll master the ins and outs of authentic marketing without having to spend money on Facebook ads. 


 VISIBILITY QUEEN is an intensive 8 week Live Mastermind for service-based Biz Babes - Coaches, VA's, Social Media Rockstars, Web Designers... you get the idea!


Together we’ll create the MINDSET and the SYSTEMS that maximise your content and learn how to spread it onto different social media platforms for a wider reach.

YOU just have to show up - so your clients can find you with EASE and hire you! 

With me, big dreams dont just feel possible when you close your eyes,  they actually are when you open them.  

There will be SEVEN Deep Dive Modules and one implementation week to catch up and really start practising and changing the things that need tweaking in your business

- so you can get FULLY BOOKED!


✨ Week 2: Become aligned as f*ck

✨ Week 1: Money Mindset - Think and Act like a 6-figure Biz Babe

Raise your self-worth! Raise your prices! You can create consistent income and 5-figure months with EASE and FUN and stop hustling all day every day. 

This will help you to make the CEO decisions a 6-figure business needs and finally position you as highly paid industry leader and thought leader with thousands of raving fans! 

No more rat-race, chasing clients and doing what you "should"! 

Learn how to act and create from a place of alignment, inspiration and conviction in what you do and who you are, so you can make money and get fully booked EASILY. 

✨ Week 3: Grow your Tribe

✨ Week 5: Implementation week

Master your Email Marketing and grow your own Facebook group to thousands of audience members. You can have consistent client flow and sold out launches JUST by posting in your group or emailing your list!

Become a Visibility Queen and learn my go-to-strategies for thousands of views and hundreds of likes - so you can reach a huge exposure in front of potential clients and get fully booked. This is exactly what made me hit 5-figure months!

✨ Week 4: Great exposure for great success

Time to catch up and implement everything, so you can get the most out of this course!

Being fully booked doesn't mean working longer, harder and endlessly. 

All the go-to-strategies and tools to work smarter, not harder - so you can work 20 hours per week or less, travel the world or... well just do whatever you want to do! That's why you want to create this business, right? For more FUN and FREEDOM!

Sell with conviction and without feeling icky, so you can find more clients!

Learn how to close Discovery Calls with ease (incl. practise call with your accountability partner!), so you can raise your conversion rate from 10% to 80%+ and finally make more money with the audience that's already there. 

✨ Week 6: Create Offers with Soul

How to come up with killer programs you are crazily excited about - because you truly LOVE them, so you can sell with 100% conviction, and trust me - THIS is how you get fully booked! No more "people pleasing"!

✨ Week 8: Automation and tools for more Freedom

✨ Week 7: Selling like a Boss

Let's make this happen for YOU!

*NOTE:  This is NOT for you if you're not committed, not ready to take inspired badass action or aren't really sure if this whole online business thing is for you.


🙋🏼 You are ready to take your business to the next income level and get fully booked!

🙋🏼 You know you have a message to share with the world but struggle to get it across and are shy to promote with conviction.

🙋🏼 You’re ready to GROW and find clients by accepting the challenges and stepping out of your comfort zone.

🙋🏼 You wanna be REAL, show up authentically and become a leader with tons of followers!

Here's your opportunity to shift your reality and surround yourself with uplifting business babes who are driven, ambitious and aiming high to hit their goals!!



who you surround yourself with!

The original price for this mastermind

was $3,333.

* All Prices in USD 


 incl. 7 modules and private Facebook group



✨ 7 weekly pre-recorded video trainings covering our content - unlimited replays will be available, and you'll have life time access!

✨ Weekly mindset journaling prompts and action steps

Accountability Partner within the Mastermind! 

Exclusive Mastermind Facebook group to connect with like-minded Biz Babes, get support and feedback by me and a safe space to ask questions. 

On top of this there's currently 

3 VIP spots available! 

You'll get all of the above PLUS exclusive 1:1 Coaching with me:

✨ 3 x 50 minutes 1:1 strategy session with Susi 

(valued $1,800)

✨ Voice message support (via FB messenger or Voxer) from Mo - Fr for 2 months (valued $2,000)

✨ Journaling prompts personalised for YOU and your current challenges

This is currently the only way to get access

to work with me 1:1 before April 2018.

incl. self-study modules, 1:1 coaching

and Voxer support (total value $4,800)

VIP option: $3,500

* All Prices in USD 

(*maybe in 2 months I'll have a few better boundaries and might take Sundays off... but honestly, so far - I'm online DAILY!) 

I'm going to show up in the Mastermind Facebook group DAILY 

to answer your questions, give feedback and support you - on top of our weekly training modules.




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